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The pearl is the designated gem for the month of June and is known as the June birthstone. According to the American Gem Society's list of healing gemstones, the pearl is known for its calming properties. This gemstone symbolizes charity, truth, purity, integrity, and loyalty.
One of the most unique naturally occurring gemstones in the world is the pearl. Known for their classic beauty, these lustrous gems are revered by women to this very today. Pearl jewelry is simple enough to be worn on a daily basis and can add a touch of elegance to simple casual outfits. Style your casual wardrobe and top with a contrasting pearl necklace. Alternatively, you can pair your skirt and blouse with unique style pearls in different colors or pearl necklace. If you want to wear something minimal, then opt for a simple pearl bracelet or pearl earrings.
If the Pearl Collection still can't satisfy your taste, we have more classic and elegant rings in Moissanite Collection waiting for you to find out.